The team

Céline FEGER (MD)

"I bring to ICUREsearch management board my knowledge of Pharma and Medical Device companies, and my experience in conducting medical development of Health products to demonstrate product’s efficacy and safety."

Celine FEGER hysician specialised in microbiology, degree in pharmacokinetics and in clinical oncology

Owner-founder-CEO of EMIBiotech since end 2011, a consultancy company:
-Strategic and operational support for early-stage Health projects developed by start-ups that integrate products characteristics, company’s objectives and regulatory requirements, and that include also risk analysis and market access
-Oncology, infective diseases, severe diseases. Numerous projects in oncology
-Medical writing of documents requiring scientific and medical expertise for an autonomous writing (English or French)

Co-founder of NATSUCA SAS, a company manufacturing natural products for supportive care in oncology

Experience in drug development (Rhône-Poulenc – Rorer, Aventis, Sanofi) in infective dieases, oncology, neuro-insomnia
-Filing of market authorisations in Europe and USA, and other countries
-Coordination of clinical development worldwide programs, phase I to III, including pharmacovigilance follow-up

Experience in Medical Device development (Becton- Dickinson Medical Pharmaceutical Systems): associate to the worldwide Medical Affairs VP, and member of the European Executive Committee. Internal medical expert for worldwide R&D projects teams, for Quality and Risk analyses, and for the European Strategic Marketing

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"I bring to the ICUREsearch management board my experience in clinical research projects, and my expertise of medical intensivist."

Maite GARROUSTE Physican trained in Intensice Care and End-of-life Palliative Care
Associate Head of the Intensive Care Unit of Saint Joseph Hospital network (Paris)
Member of the French Intensive Care society

Qualified to supervise and lead clinical research
Project design, answer to calls-for-projects
Setting up of multicentric projects
Clinical research networks management (Iatroref, Ethica, ICU-diaries)

Writing of medical articles
Reviewer of Intensive Care Medicine (member of the editorial board), of Critical Care Medicine, American Journal of Respiratory Care of Critical Care, Clinical Infectious Diseases, Journal of Palliatve Care, Annals of Intensive Care, Critical Care, Journal of Critical Care, Plos One

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Stéphane RUCKLY (MSc)

"As Scientific Director, I will be listening to your needs for your projects, available for ensuring their execution."

Stéphane RUCKLY Biostatistician, expert in data management under SAS environment

Routine use of statistical modelisation softwares

Master degree in Advanced Statistical Methodologies:
Survival analysis, generalised liner model, adjustment and matching, marginal structural model, mixed model, temporal series, mutiple imputation

Design of e-CRF and websites

Management of Big Data databases

Writing of scientific articles

Management of students and trainees

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Jean-François TIMSIT (MD, PhD)

"As CEO, my role is to lead the projects, coordinate the team for achieving ICUREsearch optimal efficacy, responsiveness and listening to your needs."

Jean-François TIMSIT Physician, medical intensivist, head of Medical and Infectious Diseases Intensive Care Unit at Bichat University Hospital, Paris
Leader of a Medical Research group
Qualified for leading medical research in Epidemiology and evaluation of Health interventions
Founder and designer of the OutcomeRea database
Leader of French and European research networks in intensive care (OutcomeREa), in respiratory diseases (RIO-VNI) and in infectious diseases (EURO-BACT)

Deputy editor de Intensive Care Medicine (IF 7.3)
Reviewer for numerous high-level scientific journals

Recipient of several national and trans-regional grants for Hospital Clinical Research (PHRC)
Member of the Statnet working group for COMBACTE, and of the COMBACTE-MAGNET project (IMI call 2012 and 2013)
Design, management and publication of several randomised controlled clinical trials in France

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Jean-Ralph ZAHAR

"I bring to ICUREsearch management board my experience of transversal physician, with a strong experience of hospital environment and needs."

Jean-Ralph ZAHAR Physician, trained in Internal Medicine, in Infectious Diseases, and in Intensive Care
Head of the Hygiene Unit in a University hospital, committed to infectious risks control and management

Trained in medical research in Epidemiology

Setting up and management of clinical trials in nosocomial infections, hospital hygiene, and iatrogenic risk

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