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ICUREsearch is committed to ensuring privacy protection

To ensure privacy protection, each collaborator of the company committed to complying with defined confidentiality and security rules.

Protection of information

ICUREsearch establishes administrative, technical and physical actions to protect clients' and employees' data against perdition, hacking and abuse. The access to the data is secured and controlled.

According to the procedures, standard operating procedures and notices are updated by ICUREsearch on a regularly basis, at least biannually, or more often if required (e.g., in case of changes in regulations).

Data processing

ICUREsearch collects health-related data for specific and scientifically funded purposes. The data management is performed as appropriate, in compliance with the current applicable regulation.

A specific effort is made to ensure that the collected information is appropriate and relevant. The information must be exact, and maintained up-to-date as far as possible. The data are not held for longer than necessary.

All allowed data transfers are performed via a secured data protocol transfer.

Health-related data

ICUREsearch is committed to the protection of health-related data entrusted by our clients. The society is also committed to comply with applicable regulation related to privacy and security of patients' data.

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