The end of inclusions is scheduled for January 30, 2021 and the date of the last follow-up is scheduled for February 28, 2021.

EUROBACT II is a global cohort study on septicemia associated with care in intensive care units. This international observational survey focuses on the retrospective analysis of patients who presented with hospital-acquired sepsis and who were admitted to intensive care. Inclusion of 10 patients or a period of 3 consecutive months of recruitment.
The purpose of the EUROBACT II study will be to estimate the prevalence, the geographic variability as well as the characteristics of sepsis acquired in hospital, then admitted to intensive care.
The objectives of EUROBACT II will be to :
–Describe the care process and the management methods.
–Detail the treatment that will have been undertaken.
–Evaluate the impact of the process of care on the speed of the adequacy of treatment and on the prognosis of patients.
–Estimate changes in global epidemiology compared to the 2009 EUROBACT study.
Supported by two scientific societies (ESICM and ESCMID) and sponsored by the Outcomerea association, EUROBACT II is present in more than 60 countries and includes patients from more than 500 different services.
We support Outcomerea in the following missions :
–Manage registration of centers by guaranteeing the ethical and administrative validity of their participation.
–Create the electronic CRF.
–Guarantee data security and perform maintenance of the database.
–Check the quality of the data throughout the study.
–Perform intermediate analyzes.
–Create and deal with queries.
–Perform statistical analysis.
–Write scientific publications in coordination with the principal investigators.

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